Friday, March 13

#Cre8time Makes for Extreme #GEEK (dom)... Flux Capacitor LED Night Light by Lonnie Sexton

Today I'm sharing how to create a customized LED Night Light.


  1. Create Primary Object – Flux Cap
  2. Prepare the Primary for molding
  3. Mold the Primary
  4. De-mold
  5. Casting Clear Cast
  6. Prep
  7. Casting Cover layer
  8. Final Assembly


Cut a piece of the wood plank 2.3" x 2.7". Sand the edges and surface.

Cut 3 pieces of .500" (1/2") dowel .300" (5/16") long.

Glue the dowels to the plank shown below.

Cut 3 pieces of 5/16" x 1/8" Plastic Bar .75" (3/4") long, 
and cut the corner edges off one side.

Glue the pieces with the cut edges inward.

Cut 3 pieces of 1/4" Plastic Dowel .250" (1/4") long. Drill 1/8" holes in 1 side.
Cut 3 pieces of 1/8" plastic dowel .500" (1/2") long.

Glue the 1/8" dowel inside the 1/8" hole that was drilled
in the 1/4 tube. Glue to the center of the 1/2 dowels.

Fill the tube with quick set putty.

Clear Coat. Let dry 24 hours.


Using double sided tape, attach the primary to the LED Night light.

Make a mold box to hold the primary out of poster board.


Apply mold release to the primary in prepped in the mold box. Mix Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions and cover the part completely {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Let cure.


Remove the primary part from the mold. Cut off any run off rubber.
Detach the primary from the LED Light.
Clean the clay residue from the light.


Place the light inside the mold. Mix Amazing Clear Cast Resin per instructions and fill the mold to the lip of the light {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Let cure 24 hours.

Remove the casting from the mold.


Place the mold box wall or wide tape around the clear cast. Mix another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin per instructions. Add Alumilite Black Dye. Pour a thin layer to cover the backing. Careful not to get any on the protruding clear cast. Let Cure.


Drill three 1/8" holes next to the posts as shown in the picture.

Cut three pieces of 1.5" 14 awg yellow wire.
Cut the Rings of the terminal crimp ends.

Strip 1/4" of the insulation off and attach the red terminal crimp to the end of the yellow wire.  Glue to the top of the flux conductor.... I mean, up right clear cast post.

How would you spend your Cre8time?

Thanks for joining in! Come back soon for more projects
from the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team.

WARNING: Do Not change the Space Time Continuum.
~ Lonnie 

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