Friday, May 2

#Cre8time ADVENTURES!!! 20,000 Funky Leagues Under the Sea Hair Sticks... by Tanya Ruffin

My mission:

To create a Steampunkish set of Hair Sticks using plastic sea animals.

This was a rather simple project that I could glam up if I wanted to. I don't have a thick head of hair so a bigger, more embellished Hair Stick would fall out of my hair. So for me, simpler is better.

I started off with some plastic sea animals.

I made of mold of the Octopus and the Stingray using Amazing Mold Putty.

Thinking of raiding the toy aisle?

I originally made my Octopus the same color dusting the mold with Red Plum Alumidust. I loved how great it looked, but I later painted it black to go more Steampunk. But first, I cast the piece with Amazing Casting Resin.

See how great the Red Plum looked! 

As with all castings, I clean up the resin edges with an exacto and a nail file. I cast the Stingray by dusting the mold with Allumilite Silver Metallic Powder. I love this stuff!

I decided to paint the Octopus black and to add some fine glitter to each piece; black and silver. The green piece is just there because the black Octopus was getting lost in the background.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out some chopsticks from a local restaurant and used them as the base for my Hair Sticks.

I watered down some black acrylic paint and painted the chopsticks. I didn't want a thick layer of acrylic because I was scared it would peel. This worked perfect. It was like staining.

Then I glued on my Octopus and Stingray with E6000®. Now I have a quick, simple, funky set of Hair Sticks! Make sure the back side of your pieces are painted and presentable too!

Mission Accomplished!

Now get get some Chinese food and Chopsticks!

How would you embellish and
personalize your Hair Sticks?

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