Tuesday, December 10

I See SIGNS Everywhere! AMAZING Mini Chalkboard Signs by Brenda Lee Burfeind

Good day all, Brenda here to give you some inspiration for today. As some of you know my JOB is that I am a Mary Kay Consultant (which in reality really isn't a JOB because I love what I do) and I'm always looking for creative ways to promote specials I am having. I had a Vendor Fair this last weekend and thought it would be fun to have a few chalkboards to promote the sales of some of my items. I've looked around and you can find them for anywhere of $3 and up, but the small ones I found where still a bit "too big" for my taste, so how about making your own? 

Starting with a mold that I made using the Amazing Mold Putty and my old "Hallmark" badge (yes, that is another JOB I have) I created the perfect size sign for my pallet. Then I used the two-part Amazing Casting Resin to cast the sign. It only takes a few minutes to set up after mixing the two parts together.

I bought some chalkboard paint and gave it a few coats and within minutes I've created the perfect chalkboard that I can adjust to whatever sale I want! 

I even made one out of a heart mold...

I created the little stand to put my chalkboard on out of tiny Popsicle sticks. 

What would you make chalkboards for?

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