Thursday, December 12

Altering Embellishments for a Perfect Match... AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi, this is Maria Soto with an inspiration post for you today. Amazing Mold Putty is convenient and easy to use – so I like to mold and cast different items, just to have on hand. I'm currently moving my craft rooms into just one room – bigger and better. As I was sorting materials I found projects I had started but never really finished. I found this cute papier-mâché box that I had painted in red acrylic and covered the lid with polymer clay.

Well I figure it just had to be finished, and would make a perfect addition to my gift for my Secret Santa. Once I did some more painting on the box, I found the right embellishment among all my resin casts. A blue resin cameo, dry brushed some different colors, a bit of glitter, some lace and flowers... well once all were glued on the box lid, I was done.

Above is the casting of the cameo from when I made it –

Here is a photo of the box, it's a three piece, as you can see there is an insert on the lid – so you can add photos/images and change them whenever you want.

Here is a close up of the cameo showing the gold/silver paints I used and the glitter. I love the emerald crystals. Underneath the cameo I glued a piece of lace. Then after adding the cameo, I thought a few tiny flowers would make a perfect addition and bring in more color to the box.

I can't wait to finish organizing my new craft room so I can go ahead and finish all these projects I started some time ago. I have created so many embellishments is just a matter of matching the right embellishment to complete each project.

Working with Amazing Crafting Products has been fun, creative and made crafting so much easier. I hope I have inspired you to give these products a try – trust me you will find yourself casting just about anything you see and altering items to match what ever project you feel like creating.

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