Thursday, December 19

Deck the Tree with Miniature TOY Guns! AMAZING Inspiration by Lonnie Sexton

With the holidays at full throttle, I thought I’d share a different sort of inspiration. I had to come up with something fun and in season year Round... something with a little Bang. I struggled at first to come up with an "off the wall" idea, but then it Clicked – 1:10 Scale Miniature Guns!

I know this can be a hot topic and some people just can’t agree. It’s a tiresome debate with the same arguments on both sides. What I can say for sure is that miniatures are here to stay and society will just have to learn how to live with them… Now on to the toy guns.

The primary guns are made from Basswood, Styrene and Brass. 

1:10 scale .50 Cal Sniper - primary

I used Amazing Mold Putty to create a 2-part mold of the wood/plastic/brass originals and Amazing Casting Resin to cast the part in the mold. 

Long range scope

.50 cal receiver in an Amazing Mold Putty (2-part mold) 

All the guns are meant to "break-down" like the 1:1 and fit into
an Amazing Casting Resin mini case.
The guns are made in conjunction with another project, found here.

One more thing...

Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


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  1. These are so freakin' cool! My boyfriend and I decorated our tree with miniature soldiers and weapons both last year and this year. I love this!

    1. That's awesome Isie! Full Metal Christmas! :)

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  3. Hello Jake. Thanks for joining in. Cool toy guns you have there.


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