Thursday, December 26

Island of Misfit Molds... AMAZINGLY Creative REUSE by Tanya Ruffin

Have you ever create a mold that you thought would be awesome, but ended up not casting very well. It could be that the mold didn't form well or, as in my case, that the mold has so many intricate parts that it was almost impossible to demold it without breaking the resin.

I started with this:

I glued three together and made a mold. It has so many openings that it was just too hard to cast a perfect copy. Plus, it was tearing apart my mold. It would have been much better to use Amazing Mold Rubber

Well, I am not one to throw away a mold or admit defeat... so I thought of another way to use the mold.

This is a technique I used years ago with rubber stamps and it works great with Amazing Mold Putty molds, too!

  • Premade Mold - Amazing Mold Putty
  • Toilet Paper
  • Decoupage medium or glue
  • Small paint brush
  • Water

Tear a sheet or two of toilet paper. Using a wet brush, press the paper inside the mold. Repeat with several layers of paper. The deeper your mold, the more paper you will need. Be careful not to tear the paper, but sometimes it happens and just repair by placing another sheet on top.

You can dry the paper by waiting overnight... Ha Ha, yeah, I know... ok so get out an emboss gun and use it to dry. Make sure not to burn the paper.

After your paper is dry. Pop it out and put a coat of decoupage medium on top.

Use it on a scrapbook page, to decorate a gift bag or even frame. If you have a Qdoba restaurant nearby check it out- they have embossed paper like this framed on the walls!

What papers can use in your molds?

I used Rub 'n Buff® to bring out the details and glued to a plan gift bag. I like the rough edges, but you could trim it if you like. You can also use other thin papers like tissue paper...Think of all the cool tissue paper patterns and papers with confetti embedded!

This is a fun and easy way to decorate last year's gift bags!

What decorative paper castings will you make?

Please leave a comment below and share your papercasting
ideas using Amazing Crafting Products! :)

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  1. Clever thinking! I too bought those same reindeer with the intention of molding. I love the papercasting in the mold - a beautiful save!

  2. Very artistic thinking outside the box and Ive actually seen these somewhere before as art also, just cant remember where. I would have never figured this out though. Definitely must try.


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