Friday, December 27

Punches... Meet Resin and Lace! AMAZING Lace Heart Pendant by Brenda Burfeind

Brenda here again to show you a quick tutorial making an Amazing Lace Heart Pendant. I know, I've been doing nothing but jewelry lately, but I just love making my own! With the Amazing Crafting Products there is no end in sight. LOL!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to make your own resin paper and how to turn ribbon into a bracelet. (Click on the links above to see how it's done); and then today I am going to show you how to turn that lace into a Lace Heart Pendant.

I started by making my lace stiff using the steps in the above links. I was able to punch the ribbon using a simple circle punch and by folding that circle in half, I then was able to cut out a heart shape (using ordinary scissors) a bit smaller than my heart mold that I made using the Amazing Mold Putty. The reason I made my lace stiff was so that when I placed it into my mold it would not curl up (and also so that I could punch or cut it without fraying). Thus killing two birds with one stone.

I added a little bit of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the mold first and let it set up for a few minutes, making sure there where no air bubbles. I wanted the pendant to be see through so that the "lace can be seen from both sides and the clear cast is perfect for this pendant. Then laying the "lace heart" inside the mold and covering it with more Amazing Clear Cast Resin. 

Now the waiting time begins... it usually cures in about 24 hours, but you have to adjust your time because of temperature sometimes. 

After it has cured I added another tiny layer of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to make it shine and viola, another jewelry piece has been created.

I just love the look of "clear glass".

I hope you liked my pendant this time around. I just love experimenting and again, there is no limit of what you can do using these Amazing Crafting Products.

How would you use your "RESINed" lace?

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