Monday, December 30

Custom TUNES Anyone??? Amazing USB Key Custom Transformation by Lonnie Sexton

When I started this project I wasn’t exactly sure how it would be done. The main goal was to figure out a way to make a custom USB housing. The actual size of the circuit in most thumb drives is less than ½ the actual size they are sold in. I started with a Kinston 16gig.

Putty Insert

Removed the circuit from the original housing and set aside. Cut the extra length off the end of the shell. The custom housing would need a cavity just like the original so I started with an Amazing Mold Putty Insert.

Using modeling clay and an Optimus-Prime casting from a previous project (found here) I made a custom primary.

Mold Box – First ½

Using foam board and hot glue I created a mold box to hold the primary and insert.

Rubber Pour Part 1

Mix equal parts of Amazing Mold Rubber and pour the first half of the mold. It’s always a good idea to vacuum the air bubbles out of the rubber if you have a vacuum chamber. Let the 1st ½ cure 24 + hr. 

Release the First ½ of the cured mold so the 2nd part won't adhere to the first.

Pour the 2nd ½ of the rubber mold.

Demold and Prepare for Casting

Remove the Primary object from the finished mold. Trim any excess flash in the mold. Sometimes it’s best to cast a part to see where clean up needs to be done if any.

Prepare for Casting

Using rubber bands secure the two Amazing Mold Rubber parts together. It’s always best to use back boards with rubber bands to avoid pinching the mold open.


Mix equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and poured into the Amazing Mold Rubber mold.

Place the Amazing Mold Putty Insert into position and place in the vacuum chamber for 30 sec. Remove from the chamber and apply heat to the outside of the mold to ensure proper curing.

Remove the rubber bands and separate the rubber mold. Remove the new casting from the rubber mold and remove the putty insert from the casting. 

Insert the USB circuit into the casting and secure with a small ot of CA glue.


 I made a few different colors using Alumilite Dyes.

Overall the experiment with a 3-part mold using both Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Mold Putty together turned out pretty good. My car stereo can accept USB thumb drives and read the music files directly. To keep my music organized, I plan on using these custom USB thumb drives as reminders to what is stored on them. There will be a few more characters to show up soon so don’t forget to check back on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog for exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials. 

Lonnie Sexton

Wishing you a very Safe and Happy New Year!

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