Monday, December 9

Transform Amazing Mold Rubber into SHAPE...
by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Welcome to another Mold Rubber Monday! Susan here to bring you some fun tips using Amazing Mold Rubber which is now available at Hobby Lobby Stores and also at the Amazing Crafting Products website.

Today's Amazing Mold Rubber project started out with a "LIGHTBULB MOMENT" that I got when washing out this coffee cake container for recycling. Since I made my original AMAZING No-Gelatin Printing Plate {CLICK HERE if you missed it} I have wanted to make another version thinner to see if it really needed to be 1/2" thick. TODAY I answer the question... and more!

I prepared my items to mold and mixed up a container of Amazing Mold Rubber then poured directly into the cake container filling just to the top of the lower ridge area which is approx. a 1/4" deep recess in the bottom of this box.

I let this cure for several hours {since I went to work for the day} and returned to remove the Amazing Mold Rubber from the container. There was a little run over, but this is easily remedied with some scissors.

I poured several items to mold with my batch of Amazing Mold Rubber - including this nice double circular lid... I thought this would make for nice stamping and also make a great MINI round AMAZING No-Gelatin Printing Plate. Soon I will have a whole desktop of these in various sizes and shapes!!!

I was pretty confident this would work - but gave it a whirl anyway. I totally LOVE how the circle removes the color too. I got a little sidetracked painting papers for about a half hour before moving on... so the answer is YES! A thinner slab at approx. 1/4" works perfectly!!!
Now on to the real reason I made this...

I trimmed off the thin over-poured areas with some scissors. I grabbed a pen and drew some lines down the length of my Amazing Mold Rubber slab so I have a straight line to cut by with my scissors. Then I cut two sections away off each of the long sides. FYI -- the pen wipes right off of the silicone with a damp paper towel.


I repeated the same on the shorter edges and cut 5 or six shorter Amazing Mold Rubber strips.

Are you still following me here??? Now I have several long and short strips to use to form whatever shapes I like to fill with resin. I still have a large slab that is approx. 3 1/2" x 9" which I will utilize to make a few more prints from before using a proper box cutting blade and a ruler to slice up the rest.

As you can see I have been working on my non-stick craft sheet. The Amazing Mold Rubber sticks to this particularly well. I arranged my silicone strips into a couple of teardrop shapes and I used the extras to reinforce the edges from moving once I pour in the Amazing Casting Resin.

Within the teardrop shapes I applied Alumilite Silver, Gold, and Copper Metallic Powders with a toothpick directly to the craft mat. This is an experiment - but I figure that some of the powders will static cling to the mat when I pour the resin over and some will float. Time to test the theory!

I mixed up a small amount of Amazing Casting Resin with two drops of Alumilite Violet Dye and gently poured into my teardrop forms (I mixed up 3 drams each of Part "A" and Part "B" with two drops of the dye).

There is a little seepage, but the forms stayed put so I wasn't concerned. Some of the metallic powders rose to the surface so I swirled them around with a toothpick until the resin began to solidify.

After about 15 minutes, I gently peeled back the borders and to my surprise, there was very little resin that seeped under. Most peeled away without the use of scissors. This particular strip was the rounded edge from the slab which gave this shape a nice reverse beveled edge. The other teardrop was more squared off – they both turned out beautiful.


This is the front (mat side) and back side of my teardrop shapes ready to clean up and use for some creative project... perhaps some new JEWELS???? The metallic powders have a beautiful marbled effect with areas of purple peeking through. It's so fun to experiment with supplies to see what effects you can come up with.

What are your creative plans using
Amazing Mold Rubber???

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