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“How To” – Creating Custom 1:64 R/C Bodies...
with Lonnie Sexton

Radio Shack licensed an SE version of the popular 1:64 Scale ZipZap R/C’s years back. They no longer offer these cars on the market and parts have become rare. I wanted to produce some custom bodies and Amazing Crafting Products made it possible.

Amazing Mold Putty - Link
Amazing Casting Resin - Link
Mixing Cup - Link
Mixing Stick – Link
Mold Release -

Poster Board
Styrene Sheets .30” think
Green Putty
MEK – Styrene Bonder
Masking Tape
Wood / Styrene Rods (dowels) ¼” dia.

Hot Glue Gun
2-part quick set epoxy
Box Knife (razor for cutting poster board)
Xacto Knife
Vacuum Chamber (DYI Vacuum Chamber)
Scale – - Link
Primer and Paint of Choice


  1. Create Primary Object
  2. Prepare the Part for molding
  3. Make the mold box
  4. Prep for Bottom ½
  5. Press Bottom Half – wait for cure
  6. Apply Mold Release and Press Top Half –wait for cure
  7. Casting and Vacuum
  8. Sand and Paint
I created the primary out of styrene plastic. It’s easy to work with and creates a smooth durable molding surface to press into the Amazing Mold Putty.


90 degree Aluminum Channel for alignment

Underside of styrene primary

Shell and Cab

Shell and Cab Approved

Trim and Bumper added

Prep Primary for Molding
-Sand the part and coat with 2-part epoxy. You don’t have to use epoxy, but I wanted a smooth finish on the part. Depending on the texture you can use different materials (wood, metal, etc).

Mold box
Amazing Mold Putty doesn’t require a mold box method and can work with the basic press in method, but I am in the habit of making a box for 2 sided parts. The basic rule to a mold box is it should be 2x the height of your part and .25 - .50” wall around the edges.

-Lay the primary down on a piece of poster board. Mark and Measure the size of the base. Cut out the parts and Hot Glue the Mold Box together. You can use duct tape or packing tape to hold the box together. I prefer hot glue.

Prep for Bottom ½
The Styrene or wood dowels are used to create the casting resin and air inlets. They will be pressed into the Amazing Mold Putty between the wall of the box and primary object.

-Place the primary in the box, measure and cut the dowels. Set aside.

Pressing the Bottom ½
-Weigh and mix the proper amount of Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B". It’s important to get them equal. A digital scale is useful.

-Press the Amazing Mold Putty into the box and flatten it out as best as possible.

-Align the Part in the box where your pre-cut inlets will fit and press the part firmly into the box. Press the Inlets into place and Finesse the Amazing Mold Putty around the edges of the primary. Try to avoid any overlapping of the part and putty. If needed only press the primary partially into the bottom ½ to avoid unwanted undercuts.

-Press alignment dimples into the corners so the half’s line up better.

-Let the Amazing Mold Putty cure.

F550 Truck Cab Primary pressed into Amazing Mold Putty.

Apply Mold Release and Press Top Half

After the bottom is cured, lightly mist the mold and part with mold release.

Mix the 2nd batch of Amazing Mold Putty and Press it into the top of the box, working it down into any edges to avoid air pockets and finesse it flat. Scratch a part name or number if you wish.

De-molding and Mold Finishing

Separate the mold carefully. Remove the primary object and trim the inlets.

Casting and Vacuum

Secure the mold together with rubber tough rubber bands. Make inlet funnels with some old business cards (crafting tip: business cards make great crafting disposables. Funnels, mixing, spreading filler, etc.)

Mix the Amazing Casting Resin per instructions and pour into the larger funnel until you see it pop out the smaller funnel. Make sure there is enough casting material in the funnel to fill the space the air bubbles take up.

Place in Vacuum chamber, pull a vacuum for aprox 10-15 sec, then release vacuum pressure and let the cast cure.

Amazing Cast in 2-part mold

                                                         F550 - Truck Cab 20 minutes later...
Amazing Cast XV-LT Shell in Amazing Putty mold. 

Styrene Primary and 2 Amazing Cast copies.

Sand and Paint

F550 Cab, EarthRoamer XV-LT Shell

Bumper, Cab, ER Shell, all 3 molds and decals

Amazing Micro Decals Applied

I still need to paint the fender flares and figure out a way to replace the old dry rotted rubber tires....

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~ Lonnie Sexton

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  1. Your work is so precise. Absoluting AMAZING!

  2. Thank you Sandra. A little OCD is good for quality! :)

  3. this is amazing!!! really amazing!


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