Friday, May 24

Featured FAN-DAY!!! Meet our AMAZING Fan
Tracy Alden of Art Resurrected

It's Memorial Day Weekend - we hope you are having a great evening! Today we are so excited to celebrate another Featured FAN-DAY for A-MAY-ZING May with Amazing Mold Putty!!! Announcing Tracy Alden – proud fan of Amazing Crafting Products!!!

Today's featured fan is sharing some AMAZING jewelry.
We hope you enjoy meeting Tracy Alden!

This is a faux amber scarab necklace. I made scarab molds from Amazing Mold Putty and then poured each piece to make beads. Each bead is hand drilled. Vintage Siam silver links and cattle bone beads.


This is a brass bracelet; with each bezel filled with glitter and bookboard
embellishments with a coating of Amazing Clear Cast Resin on top.

This is one of my first tries at putting shed snake skin in Amazing Clear Cast Resin, in a 40x30 cabochon mold made with  Amazing Mold Putty . (No snakes were harmed. My female Burmese Python Cyrene sheds her skin every few months. The shedding is somewhat like working with tissue paper).

"I have been a fan of
for years!
I am a designer and often get my clients to use
your products because they love the results so much."
~ Tracy Alden, Featured Fan

You also see more of Tracy's work on her website Art Resurrected HERE... and lots of wonderful things to see! Click HERE to jump to her blog.

What have you made with Amazing Crafting Products?

If you missed out on today's event and want to be one of our "Featured Fans" – please send us your BEST photo of a project made using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin or Amazing Clear Cast Resin to:

Please include one AMAZING photo {and a detail if needed}, your info, blog link and a brief paragraph explanation – you may be featured on our blog for all the world to see on our next FEATURED FAN-DAY!
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Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic evening!  :) Sb


  1. Thank you Rachel! I feel in love with Amazing Crafting Products when I saw their booth at CHA in 2010. :)

  2. These are some truly inspired pieces! LOVE them all but the snake skin cabochon just floored me.


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