Tuesday, May 28

Butterfly Kisses... AMAZING Inspiration
from Brenda Burfeind

I love little vintage picture frames and have a few sitting around the house here and there with pictures of the kids when they were young and also of the grandkids and so came the Inspiration for this project. I love these so much I thought I'd make one using the Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin and using it in a bit of a different way. Not necessarily as a photo frame, but to "frame" a butterfly on a plaque.

Using a small nail file I was able to get into those tiny areas and cleaned them up a bit after the frame was cast to get the finer detail of the butterflies and flowers. I painted the pieces and then used black rub-n-buff to tone it down and give it an aged look. I also used my stylus and dotted the butterflies "flight path". To see a full how-to on how I created this piece... CLICK HERE.

Just imagine how many AMAZING photo frames you could make. I know I will have a few more added to my collection now also and if you make something using the Amazing Mold Putty or Amazing Casting Resin, please let me know so I can come see your creations.

"Creativity is Only a State of Mind..." You can always find me here to see what else I create. Thanks for stopping by!  ~ Brenda 


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