Friday, May 10

AMAZING Inspiration from Lonnie Sexton – Light up Amazing Clear Cast Resin with LED’s

Amazing Crafting Products are a fun and easy way to expand your crafting abilities and save you time. LED's are a fun way to "LIGHT UP" your projects. Not only can you mold and cast shapes using these AMAZING products – but you can also embed things into the resin and make your handmade projects "FUN"ctional, too!

I like to light up the Amazing Clear Cast Resin with LED’s.

Light Emitting Diodes or LED’s come in many sizes and colors. Adding them to a clear resin part will light up your project and make it shine! LEDs run on low DC voltages commonly between 1-6vdc. Some of them are very bright – PLEASE DO NOT look into them when powered on or aim the LEDs directly at your digital camera lens. 

Clear body when off.

3.0vdc Green LED

3.0vdc Cyan LED

Hi-Voltage Surface LED (off)

Hi-Voltage Surface LED (ON) turned away from camera.

Very Bright!!

Amazing Mold Putty Finished Mold for "Apple of Eden" to be lit.

Amazing Mold Putty Finished Mold - Inside prior to casting in Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

The clear casted "Apple" will be painted an mounted inside this Miniature Treasure Chest

Surface Mount White LED and open-ON switch.

White LED ON

Chrome Cover Plate

Amazing Clear Cast painted black "Apple of Eden", LED off.

Surface Mount LED under Amazing Clear Cast Resin Apple.
Apparently it needs to be repainted... ;)

Come back soon to see more LED and casted projects using Amazing Clear Cast Resin in full.
Have a great weekend creating!
~ Lonnie Sexton


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  1. Thank you Sandra. I can't wait to create some more LED and casting projects. If I can figure out a small enough power sources I want to make a tie clip and cufflinks that light up. Your jewelry got me inspired.


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