Tuesday, May 28

Totally and AMAZINGLY Inspired... by Rachel Whetzel

Hello everyone - Rachel here today... and I have been AMAZINGLY INSPIRED!!! The idea that I can take one of my "One-of-a-Kind" vintage items that I keep NOT using in my art work, (because it's ONE-OF-A-KIND) and create MORE of them, BLOWS MY MIND!!

This month, I am SO excited about this One-of-a-Kind vintage doll arm, that I'm sharing it with you BEFORE I create with it. I'm always finding pieces that are old, and a bit "loved". I also NEVER used to use them because once I had, that was IT! 


All gone... 

There wouldn't BE another piece unless I seriously lucked out at the thrift store or a garage sale. I wasn't taking the risk. Then along came Amazing Crafting Products, and their beautiful Amazing Mold Putty, and their Amazing Resins.

Which brings me to today. I've been inspired by the use of Frozen Charlotte dolls in art work. I started collecting doll bits here and there with the idea I might use them similarly. The other day, I got to thinking about creating some of this paritcular doll arm, and experimenting with some of the dies and resins.

Now I'm totally inspired, and excited about the ideas in my head! I can't wait to get them out into the world!! Feels like an avalanche of ideas over this one piece!!

What about you? Do you have a special One-of-a-Kind
piece you have been holding onto instead of using?
Please share your projects in the comments below! 

If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel

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