Tuesday, May 21

Multi-Dimensional Shabby Chic Heart Collage...
by Guest Designer Jess B.

Hello Everyone - Jess B. here and once again I have been honored to show you what fun possibilities lay upon your visions. I was a the end of my Amazing Casting Resin and wanted to go another route of design. For today's project, I was inspired by loads of mixed media videos on YouTube.

What would happen if I were to ink
and stamp images in my mold and then pour
the Amazing Casting Resin on top???

This project is all experimentation - and I'm very happy with the results.

Using Amazing Mold Putty, I mixed equal parts "A" and parts "B" thoroughly according to the instructions, then pressed in my flowers to create a mold. For HOW-TO of mixing Amazing Mold Putty, please CLICK HERE. This mold was cured and ready to go in about 15 minutes.

For my heart shape, I used a mini cake silicone pan I bought at TJ Max. I used a few drops of Alumilite Dye Black on a clear stamp from Teresa Collins Every Day Moments stamp collection. Place ink and stamp on a wax sheet of paper or paint brush. **PLEASE NOTE** You don't want to use this cakeform for food after putting resin products in it.

Next, I prepared and mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin according to the easy-to-follow instructions. I poured the resin into the cake pan on top of the stamped flowers. For full instructions on mixing Amazing Casting Resin, please CLICK HERE. The resin also cures in about 15 minutes...

Would the stamped images blend or stay in its place??? Well the images DID stay in place... but the dye was still a bit wet, so I decided to use the metallic powders to see if they would stick. With a brush I dusted the flower images and it stayed... and the results are Amazing! I'm loving it. I also used yellow dye to fill in the flower petals which gave it it's depth and dimension.

I also brushed on Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder to the edges of all the 3D flowers. The metallic powders can also be added to the resin while in liquid state.

You can see the stamped images and the detail of the gold edging {which I love}. I added buttons, sequins and vintage lace to complete the heart. I love the gold highlights on the stamped impressions.

I hope this has inspired you to create your shabby chic art using Amazing Crafting Products. I would love to hear what you have dreamt up - please leave a comment and your link below! To see more of my work, please CLICK HERE to visit my blog "thatzuneek".

Thanks for stopping by! 

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