Wednesday, May 29

Tchotchke Charm Necklace... by Carole Lassak

Hi, there!! Carole here with a piece of jewelry created with Amazing Crafting Products. This necklace has lots of baubles and trinkets – many of them created from items I've molded using Amazing Mold Putty. There are reasons I molded these pieces rather than use the originals. First, I don't own all the originals – the flower basket and the bee are from friends' jewelry collections. The original of the gilded baby was a toy that as a child I played with in church, and I want to preserve the original. The frozen charlotte original is white porcelain – not the look I was going for. But, that's what so great about Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin. I can have my cake and eat it, too.

For all the pieces in this project I followed these basic molding and casting directions.

Here are close-ups of the flower basket, frozen charlotte, and the bee.


I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin with butterscotch Ranger's alcohol ink added during the mixing process to get a translucent finish. For the bee I used Amazing Casting Resin with no color additive. The bee was white when it came out of the mold, and I used the same butterscotch alcohol ink to stain it. Then, I added a couple drops of ginger and pitch black to accent the recessed areas.

I cast the baby doll with Amazing Casting Resin. Next, I coated her with USArtQuest Duo Adhesive. This adhesive becomes effective and tacky only after it dries, and it the perfect thing for using with gilding. My little gilded baby lives in a shrine from Coffee Break Designs.

For this heart charm I covered the bottom with fine gold glitter and filled the bezel with Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I let it sit overnight, and when it was cured, I glued the red rhinestone to the top.

Here you can see the finished necklace with
all the fun charms, trinkets, and Amazing pieces.

What will you mold and cast
into a jewelry piece?

Thank you so much for visiting! You can see more projects on my Create & Craft blog.  ~ Carole


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