Saturday, May 25

DIY Polaroid Coasters {EASY PEASY}...
by DeeDee Catron

Good Evening folks! What a fine fine Saturday :)

DeeDee here today and I'm sharing some Polaroid Coasters that are UBER easy and SUPER awesome for your living room, teacher gifts, grandparent gifts, or even parties!

In a couple of quick easy steps - you've got a set of commemorative coasters!

Let's get started...

1) Grab some supplies... ceramic tiles (mine came to 4.25 x 4.25), photos (I cut them to 3 x 3.75), paint brush, and Helmar's Decoupage paste.
2) Coat ceramic tile evenly with decoupage paste with strokes from top to bottom.

3) Coat completely.
4) Now, with a minute amount of decoupage paste on your bush, stroke the opposite way, from side to side. This will help even out the paste and get rid of brush strokes.

4) Position photo onto WET paste.
5) Cover photo in the same manner as the tile, from top to bottom and then side to side. Make sure your paste flows from the picture to the tile, creating a bond and ultimately a seal.

6) Cover completely and let dry.
7) Gather MORE supplies! Amazing Clear Cast Resin, stir stick, measuring cup, and dried tile.

8) Mix equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin "A" and "B" in your measuring cup.
9) Stir completely, then let sit for about five minutes.

10) Cover your tile in resin! Don't pour too much at a time, and don't pour all the way to the edge. You can use your stir stick to pull the resin towards the edge after you've got enough to cover it.
11) Cover and allow to cure!

Think about all the fabuloso things you could do with this! I really love the polaroid look, but you could scrap your tiles, too. The decoupage acts as a sealant for anything that might "leak" into the resin while it's curing. So really go wild! Add glitter, alphas, paper bits, ribbons and fibers! It's like working on an assemblage necklace bezel, only much larger! What might you be doing for coasters in the future??

Thanks for stopping by! ~ DeeDee

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, DeeDee- these are soooo cute!


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