Monday, May 13

Milk and Cookies Anyone... Fun Home Décor by Featured Artist Jennifer Ingle

Hello, Amazing Mold Putty fans! This is Jennifer Ingle from Just Jingle here with you today sharing a super fun home décor project that I recently created using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin. I love how quickly you can work with both the putty and the casting resin! I am going to show you how to create this fun milk and cookies décor piece. 

Supplies: Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting Resin; Glass; Various acrylic paints; Paintbrush; Non-stick craft mat; Cookie; and a Paper straw.

To begin, we need to create a mold for the cookie. I used a medium sized chocolate chip cookie, but you could choose whatever cookie type you would like to recreate. I first sealed the cookie with a clear coat spray in an effort to make it less ‘crummy’ and easier to work with. After that dried thoroughly, I mixed the mold putty and gently pressed the cookie into the putty to create my mold. 

I then mixed the Amazing Casting Resin according to the included instructions and poured the liquid into the mold to cure. Here you can see both the resin in the mold and then the cured result after demolding. 

Amazing Casting Resin cured in mold. 

Cast resin cookie removed from mold. 

The next step is to paint the cookie using acrylic paint. Be sure to paint the bottom of the cookie, as well. Allow each side to dry completely. 

I used a variety of colors and painted in layers until I felt it looked genuine. 

Completed painted faux cookie.

Now for the glass of milk...

While that is drying, you can create the glass of milk. Pour the two parts of the resin directly into the glass carefully. Stir until clear. Allow it to set partially and then insert the straw. Blow a few bubbles with the straw to create a realistic looking splatter on the sides of the glass and give texture to the top of the milk. As the resin cures, position the straw in place so it will set properly. 

And it’s that simple!
Now bring the pieces together and you have an adorable Milk & Cookies décor set! 

Thank you so much for joining me today!
To see more of my work, feel free to visit my blog, Just Jingle

Have a Happy! 


Thanks so much for dropping by. Check back next Monday for more from our Featured Artist Jennifer Ingle... it's sure to be AMAZING!  :) Sb


  1. That is such a cute idea! Now if you can add cookie smell to the paint! Love it!

  2. This is really awesome, Jennifer! Such a clever idea! :)

  3. This is really cute, Jenn! You are one clever cookie! Ha!


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