Saturday, July 28

Have your Coffee and a Cookie Cup Too!
FOODIE projects using Amazing Mold Putty...

It's Saturday - YAY!!! Susan here with another "AMAZING" adventure with Amazing Mold Putty. Today I am a little sticky and over caffeinated from the process of making this fun treat. I pre-empted a Fairy project because I am a self-proclaimed "FOODIE"! I will be sharing my "Fairy" project in a special bloghop on August 8th CLICK HERE to visit on that day. There's a special coupon for Amazing Crafting Products at the end of my post...enjoy!

Amazing Mold Putty is FOOD SAFE!!! YES - I said food safe. You can use it for candy molds, jello, cupcakes...and more. JUST as long as you don't put any RESIN in it first. When you make an Amazing Mold Putty mold for food can only be used for food/edible products. 

Have you seen this photo burning up the internet pages this week? Well I have and I just had to make it myself...because I can using my AMAZING MOLD PUTTY!

The Cookie Cup, of Venezuelan Enrique Luis Sardi’s design, lets eco-conscious coffee lovers drink from an edible cup. Sardi teamed up with socially responsible Italian coffee company, Lavazza, to bring the eco-friendly Cookie Cup prototype and packaging design to reality. To read article regarding this please CLICK HERE.

Today's project I am casting one of my espresso cups using Amazing Mold Putty. I filled the handle with a small piece of Creative Paperclay™ and let it dry overnight. To mix up Amazing Mold Putty, I followed the simple illustrated instructions on the packaging. If you want a more in depth how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click here.

After my mold has cured fully, I removed the cup from the mold and wash it gently with soap and warm water. I also made a mold of the inside of the cup so that the batter doesn't melt down into the center and hold the cup shape. To see more great food applications using Amazing Mold Putty CLICK HERE!

Detail of inside of mold where handle is.

Amazing Mold Putty will withstand temperatures up to 395 degrees. So this is perfect for cake batter and cookies which bake at 325-350 degrees. **TIP** I let the dough get to room temperature then pressed into the mold.

I pressed some ready made sugar cookie dough into the mold and pressed it up against the edges keeping an even thickness all around.

I placed the spacer insert inside then placed it into the oven to bake.

WHOOPSIE!!! I think I need to find a recipe for a denser, less melty cookie dough. The sugar cookie dough has expanded and oozed out of one side. Not a problem - this is the dough I happened to have on hand. If you don't try can't learn about it. I will keep experimenting.

I let this cook for about a half hour at 325 degrees before removing. Extra time has to be compensated for thickness of mold for heat to penetrate. While still warm, I gently took a butter knife and trimmed away edge. Then I gently released the center mold. Awesome held the shape. It wasn't cooked all the way through, but the shape will hold for remainder of baking. So I put it back in the oven to let the center finish baking. I don't mind that it will probably be well-down after this since I do want it to hold liquid.

My cookie handle broke off when removing from mold, so I will cut a slice in the mold through the handle for ease of release next time.  I coated the center with a simple powdered sugar icing which is a very small amount of water and a lot of powdered sugar....Mmmmmm-mmmmmmm!!!! 

This took a couple of layers to give it a fully "ICED" coating.
I also reattached with a super gooey dollop of icing.

My in-house barista made me a fresh batch of espresso to fill my works!!!

It may look a bit messy - but I'm so happy because I made it.
It's the sweetest espresso I ever sipped.

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I hope you enjoyed today's project. I encourage you to stroll around through the many AMAZING projects from the other Amazing Mold Putty Design Team members for some great tips and ideas! If you have any questions, please leave a comment, select receive e-mail follow ups on comments and I will respond. If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have fun making your own tasty treats! Sb : ) 


  1. What a Fantastic Project! I Love it!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

    Many Blessings,

  2. this is so cool now I want to try it. thanks for the inspiration

  3. well done, wish I was drinking/eating this with you. I love the versatility of the Amazing Mold Putty products.

  4. so cool! I want breakfast with this when I come to visit! :)

  5. can you reuse the mold once you have baked with it? or do you need to make a new one every time

    1. Yes! You can reuse the mold over and over. Just keep in mind if you use it for food, then decide to use resin in it later - don't use it for food after that anymore. :)

  6. Hi, Can you please share the recipe of the winning dough? Thanks!

    1. Lara - I haven't found "the winning recipe" yet. I've done some research and I'm going to try a dense gingerbread cookie dough next.

  7. You coated the center with a simple powdered sugar icing and let it dry by itself or need to chill it?

    1. Yes - exactly. It's 10x powdered sugar in water. I used a ratio of 3:1 sugar to water to make it really thick and sticky. I started with it 1:1 and mixed completely then continued stirring in more sugar gradually.

  8. Do you mean let it dry by itself?


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