Wednesday, July 4

Vintage Buttons make the BEST flower centers

Ok - so here's the thing.. I have a BEAUTIFUL vintage button collection... but that's the thing.. I want it to continue to be a collection... and not break it apart to use in my altering and crafting....

insert Amazing Mold Putty.. the hero once again! (be careful, as some items/drawings/products are under copyright and should not be reproduced for sales of any sort) 

I've recently spent an afternoon molding my favorite buttons.. and today I'm going to show you how I cast them (with some tips/tricks) and even better.. how I USE the buttons! I've mixed equal parts A and B of the Amazing Mold Putty and pressed each button down into the center of its own ball of putty. 

Step 1 - gather your molds.. you'll also notice I've already poured white resin into one of my molds. I wanted this piece to be 2 different colors. so I've mixed the quick cast resin in a minute amount and allowed that bit to cure.

Step 2 - pour Part A of the quick cast resin

Step 3 - Add a drop of dye to part A and mix thoroughly (the other DT members have advised me on this, add your color to part A!!)

Step 4 - Add Part B of the quick cast resin and stir until it's clear (if you've added color it will not be ENTIRELY clear, but it definitely won't be cloudy)

Step 5 - Here's my favorite tip/trick... Use an eyedropper!! I use the eyedropper to apply specific colors/portions of resin to specific and or smaller parts of the mold. Fill Mold

Step 6 - allow the resin to cure and then pop out your goodies!!

 Here are my finished buttons:

And HERE is how I used the buttons!! As centers for vintage pattern flowers :)

You know.. we're really here to help you all so if you have any questions please post them!! 
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Thanks everyone!!


  1. Been saving my special buttons to do some thing like this. Now I know how :) Thanks DeeDee!!!!

  2. i've done plain I'm inspired to browse my stash of vintage buttons...thanks! :)

  3. Oh my GOSH, Dee Dee!! I love your idea!! They look amazing in the finished piece! Stunning, woman!


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