Monday, July 16

Window Art - Indoor Mobile

 Hi everyone!
     I hope you are having a wonderful summer!
The weather has been beautiful here in Southern California. :)
Every morning, the sun pours in through one very blank and lonely window.
So I decided to make a indoor mobile!
I started with equal amounts of Amazing Mold Putty, mixing the white and yellow until one uniform color of yellow. Then, working quickly, I pressed into the putty items that already had a hole of some sort.
Metal washers and plastic bracelets make great mobile molds!
 But I needed more of a variety. So I raided the vase cabinet and made some more molds.
Only these did not have a hole, so after the first initial set, (10-15 minutes), I mixed some more putty and formed a snake. Then I broke off 1/2" pieces and secured them to the mold with the tip and handle and of a plastic spoon, trying to make it stick as smoothly as possible.
 Another 10-15minutes and the molds were ready.
 I wanted to have some more variety to add to my mobile, so I dug up some fat plastic beads, one glass heart and maybe a button or two and pressed them into the mixed putty.
 Once set, I had the perfect itty bitty molds!
I mixed equal amounts of Amazing Clear Cast resin using the measuring cups provided. One drop is all you need of Red Alumilite Dye. Then I mixed it all in a paper Dixie cup. I use Dixie cups because they are inexpensive and by crimping the side, you have a perfect pour spout.

Using a mold this small works with this resin as you have work around time before its sets, 24-48 hours. Instead of pouring into the tiny molds and risk overfilling, I just filled them drop by drop.
 The other pieces were made with Blue Alumilite Dye.
When the pieces were set but not completely hard, I popped them out of their mold and trimmed off any rough spots with sharp Teflon scissors. Teflon scissors won't gum up like regular scissors might.Then I painted the mat side of the resin pieces with clear nail polish. The mat side is the part that had been sitting in the mold to cure.
If this were to be hung out side, I would have used clear fishing line to hang, but since I had a spot all ready indoors, I used generic white sewing thread. I knotted at each resin piece and hung from a white wire hanger which I bent to shape and wrapped with white chenille stems so the hung resin pieces would stay in place.

I hope you have enjoyed my creation!
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Thanks for stopping by! See you next month!
- Michelle Frae Cummings


  1. This. Is. Awesome. I love the colors, the repetition of shapes, just love it.

  2. WOW - this is so pretty, I'd love to make something similiar, thanks for the inspiration, well done!


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