Friday, July 6

This Wedding is Going to be a Ball

Vintage Blue Glass Ball JAR that is...

Hello again! It's Rachel Whetzel here... My little sister is getting married in a week!! Her wedding is an outdoor wedding, and she is using inspiration from images like THIS and THIS... The only problem with hanging candles in a tree for us, is that it's fire season, and a safety hazard. So as much as my sister liked the idea, it was looking like the candle jars in the trees might not be a reality. Then my idea hit me. I was going to make "glass" disks that LOOKED like they were Vintage Blue Glass Ball Jars with my Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast Resin

I started out with my Vintage Blue Glass Ball Jar. This one in particular had really raised writing, which made it perfect for creating the mold.

First, I used two equal parts Amazing Mold Putty and mixed them together until they were uniform in color. Then I rolled out the piece over the writing on my Ball Jar. I actually used the jar itself on the flat side first, to shape the piece and then once in one final roll over the writing for my mold impression.

Before the mold set, I used a round glass to trim the piece into a nice circle. Once the circle was firm, I added a rim to the edge of my circle so I could pour into the mold once I was ready.

Because Amazing Clear Cast Resin takes about 24 hours to cure, I decided to make more molds. I also decided that I wanted some smaller circles, so I used my smaller vintage Ball Jar and created smaller rounds using the same technique above.

I wanted to add a tint to the clear cast, to imitate the blue coloring of my vintage jars, so I used just a drop of Alcohol Inks in my Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Using equal parts of "A" and "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and then a drop of ink for dye, I mixed well, and poured into my molds.

Once my 24 hours were up, I popped the resin out of the mold, and I had round pieces of what look to be Vintage Blue Glass Ball Jars!! 

I drilled holes in the tops of them, and added a few beads with fishing line... I'm hoping my sister will like them to hang in place of the candle jars in a tree or two. It's certainly a nice alternative to fire in the trees. My other thought is that the disks would look neat scattered on a table in the center piece. Especially on a buffet table. 

Here's what they look like in the trees...

Be sure to share any projects you make using ideas

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  1. Thank you, Tamara!! I'm pretty pleased with them! I can't wait to get photos of them AT the wedding next weekend!

  2. That is a great idea, and they came out so lovely, Rachel!

  3. Beautiful idea! I can't wait to try this!


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