Monday, May 20

Wedded Bliss!!! Chocolate Shells with Amazing Mold Putty... AMAZING Inspiration from Michelle Galpern

You can make amazing and delicious edible chocolate shells with your Amazing Mold Putty! Thicker shell shapes and designs work best with chocolate. Because of the nature of silicone, chocolate can tend to snap when releasing from the mold. A thin design tends to break compared to a thick piece that will come out in one piece.

First fill your mold with chocolate and then pop in the freezer for 5 minutes. If it is a very thick mold you may need to leave it for 10-20 minutes so it hardens all the way through the mold. Wear a cotton glove to remove the chocolate so you don’t get finger prints on your piece.

Take your time releasing chocolate from the mold to save all the designs on the outside. If you have any blemishes or seams on your piece rub your finger over the spot to clear it. The heat of your hands will warm it up just enough to fix the problem. Use an edible luster dust like to color the shells to bring them to life! Decorate cakes, cupcakes or alone as the chocolate dessert to impress your family and friends with a yummy treat!

What fun object would you mold
to make some sweet treats???

Until next time, Keep life sweet!   ~ Michelle Galpern


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