Monday, May 27

AMAZING Inspiration from Sandra Strait... Fisherman's Paradise Brush Holder

Happy Memorial Day all! Sandra here today to bring you some out-of-the-box inspiration today. I take daily vitamins, which means, every month I end up with a cool container of a goodly size, perfect for crafting!

I've been piling them up (or giving them away) waiting for inspiration to strike, and when I saw these Mylar sheets in a local craft store, inspiration struck! BANG!!! So, I glued the Mylar sheets onto the containers.

Then I cut illustration board and a textured shelf-liner into the shapes of three fish. When I cast them in Amazing Casting Resin, I used a mixture of Alumilite Metallic Powders dusted into my molds, so I'd have a clutch of colorful fishies.

My tip for today: Illustration board makes a good base for a shallow mold. If you have an object too thin to mold by itself or want to create your own object, cut the illustration board into the shape you want and glue or tape thin objects to it. Shelf liner, drywall tape, micro-marbles – the list of items that can add texture is endless! Then just press it into your Amazing Mold Putty.

I always keep the bits and pieces of resin that overflow my molds, and I used these to create the ripples of water and added lace at top and bottom to finish off the container. 

Voilà, I had a Fisherman's Paradise brush holder!

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~ Sandra Strait

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