Wednesday, May 8

"HOT" White Jewelry Statement AMAZING Inspiration from Guest Designer Jess B.

Hello Everyone! It's Jess B. bringing you some inspiration today. I tell you this design team is on a roll with fantastic inspirations. I usually receive emails from Send-Trend to keep up with the new styles for the summer... When I came across this necklace and it screamed, "Amazing Casting Resin!"

I try to find jewelry pieces that make a statement, yet are clean
and classy enough that it will be worn again and again.

Here is my DIY
"Hot White Jewelry Statement"

I love hexagon shapes and love white! When wearing white, my loving children always find a way to have one hand on me somewhere which we all know what happens. True story - I found a small hand print of Cheetos stains on my lower back. Of course no one said anything to me all day. Go figure.

I prepared and mixed Amazing Casting Resin according to the easy to follow instructions. I poured the resin into the molds to cast my hexagons and jewels. For full instructions on mixing Amazing Casting Resin, please CLICK HERE.

The resin cures in about 15 minutes...

I painted my Amazing Casting Resin hexagons with a Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.

I found this awesome Mini Micro Drill Bit Set on Amazon.

I hand drilled each and every hole.

Pretty cool!

I adorned the necklace with beads and bling from my stash.

I also made a bracelet. No earrings needed for these big statement pieces
– but certainly would be fun, too!

What jewelry are you going add to your collection?

If this has inspired you to create your own statement jewelry using Amazing Crafting Products, please leave a comment and your link here. I would love to see how your creations came out! To see more of my work, please CLICK HERE to visit my blog "thatzuneek".

Thanks for stopping by! 

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