Thursday, July 28

#Cre8time Transformations... From This to That by Aimée Wheaton

I LOVE playing with resin when I have the time!! I look for random things to mold in the oddest places. One day I finally got into an antique store I had been trying to get to (odd hours) and I found some old looking curtain ties. These are HUGE, they probably came out of a super fancy home with lots of long curtains. Well the owner gave me the one in the photo on the left because it was chipped, 

I thought it was perfect to mold but didn't know what to turn it into because it's so large. The flower in the middle was fab and I thought it would make a great hair clip. So that is what it turned into. 

I molded the inside flower part by mixing equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty and forming it around the flower. The mold hardens in about 15 minutes and I'm ready to go! Follow my process below.

Next I grabbed some Q-tips and my favorite Alumidust
colors to paint the mold when it was ready.


I used 2 colors. I made sure all the nooks and crannies were covered
 in dust – when the resin cures this will adhere to the resin.

Now time for the resin. I mixed equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and mixed together {to view mixing/preparation CLICK HERE}. This resin cures very fast so it makes crafting quick and easy with a fabulous turnout! I colored the mold with the powders because if I didn't, the resin would be only white.

I poured the resin in, then let it cure.
I think this took about 7 minutes to complete.

I took it out of the mold and trimmed or sanded the edges
a bit that had extra resin – look how pretty!!

Next I embellished with StazOn ink just to bring out some details.

Then I painted on a bit of gold acrylic to make it even more dreamy.

I knew I wanted to embellish it even more and found this super cool trim at the store. I didn't end up using my E6000® glue it was dried up :(  so I used my hot glue gun.


I added a hair clip and felt discs to finish it off.
The back is not so pretty but it works.

I glued on some AB finish rhinestones
on the flower part for even more bling!


Look how pretty it turned out!

What's the craziest thing
you've ever molded?

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