Friday, July 22

Splish-Splash with Amazing Clear Cast!!! Having a #Cre8time Pool Party with Lara Hjorthoy

Hi Friends! So this week for my inspiration post, I'd like to share a project I've waited on for almost a year now... a summertime inspired, project! 

We all know a couple of happy old ladies, who wouldn't be happier than sunning in a pool! However, these two ladies have perhaps had a bit too much sun!

For this project, I used a cradled wood panel and a picture frame and created the pool, by painting the inside of the panel, trompe-l'oeil style. Then attached a piece of plexiglass between the frame and the painted panel. After sealing the sides, I used our Amazing Clear Cast Resin tinted ever so slightly and poured it over the entire plexiglass surface! Placing the ladies directly into the wet resin. Once it all dried, overnight, I added a couple layers of heavy gel medium for texture and... boom! 

Ladies in a pool!

After all this work, I'm jealous I'm not in there too! How about you?

What pool related goodies will you
come up with this summer?

Hope you enjoyed this week's inspiration! Join me soon for another how to. 
Have fun, stay sunburn free Lara

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