Monday, July 25

#Cre8time from the heART... AMAZING Inspiration from Guest Designer Kristie Taylor

Greetings! We proudly welcome back our Guest Creative, Kristie Taylor who has joined us this month on the Amazing Casting Products blog... and today she's sharing some heartfelt AMAZING inspiration.

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Did you ever think that we sometimes take our feelings for granted? I do, as a matter of fact, I think that feelings involving the heart are taken for granted most of all. 
That is why I created this piece – to remind me to keep all those "heart feelings" treasured.

For this project, I molded the heart with air dry clay, then cast in Amazing Mold Rubber so that I could use the shape again and again. The frame and the roses are items also captured in Amazing Mold Putty.

I used Amazing Casting Resin for casting the dimension embellishments: the heart, the frame, roses and in creating flourish pieces from Prima IOD molds. All of these items are brought together, layered with metal and chipboard pieces, and painted in my favorite colors.

I hope you like my project and that I have given you some inspiration for your next project! To see more about this special piece, please visit my blog HERE. ~ Kristie

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What do you alter in your Cre8time?

Thanks so much for dropping by! Kristie will be with us again to wrap up the month on Friday with an amazing tutorial. Pop over and visit her blog, "The Scrapinaterto see more of her amazing work. You can also follow Kristie on her YouTube Channel and on Instagram.

If you have molded/cast your own creations using Amazing Casting Products, please share them on our website in the User Gallery or on social media with #AmazingCastingProducts.

Have a fabulous day! :) Sb

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