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#Cre8time Explorations... Radiating Copper by Kristie Taylor

Greetings! We welcome back our Guest Creative, Kristie Taylor who has joined us this month on the Amazing Casting Products blog... and today she's created a masterpiece radiating with movement and dimension. That's right folks – all this luscious color is resin! Follow along as she shows you how to paint with Amazing Clear Cast Resin

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I am so in love with the way the Amazing Clear Cast Resin looks. I wanted to use it to decorate a canvas and highlight the way the resin moves and flows. This resin is perfect for mixed media type of applications and can be used in so many ways!

So I used Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder and Alumilite Dyes to color the clear cast resin – and used as I would with paint to create dimensional layers.

For this project I used a square wooden block as my canvas. I placed the block on something so that the resin can drip over the edges.

Mix equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin
add Violet Dye and stir until mixed.

Add Copper Metallic Powder to mixture, stir and pour over canvas. Use a popsicle stick to "stir" in circular pattern and move color around. 

Just look at all that awesome color! Tilt the block to allow Amazing Clear Cast Resin to move and flow over the sides. Let this sit until it gels slightly {about 30 minutes}.

Mix another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Red Dye with Copper Metallic Powder {I used three drops of dye and a popsicle stick scoop of metallic powder}, and stir until mixed. 

Pour mixture over canvas in a circular pattern. Allow this red layer to move around for a few minutes, then allow this layer to gel slightly.

Mix another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin with only Copper Metallic Powder and pour over slightly gelled blue layer allowing resin to run off edges. 

Move color around and use a stick to draw in spirals.

Allow resin to cure overnight.

I rubbed Vintage Photo Distress Stain 
on the edges to finish off the raw wood.

Mix a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Yellow Dye and Copper Metallic Powder. Pour yellow mixture in a spiral pattern over dried red layer. 

Use tweezers to place bugle beads into the wet resin,
forming a sun shape in the center. 

I used the popsicle stick to draw "rays" into
the yellow layer. Allow resin to cure over night.

To finish off I added a metal finding to the center,
and filigree corners layered with copper wire.

"Radiating Copper"

How would you paint with resin?

I hope you have enjoyed this project and that I have
given you some inspiration to try something new!

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Thanks so much for dropping by! We would like to give a huge thank you to Kristie for sharing her amazing talents with us this month. Please take time to visit her blog, "The Scrapinaterand also follow Kristie over on her YouTube Channel and on Instagram.

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