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How to Apply an AMAZING Resin Topcoat with Kristie Taylor

Hello everyone! Kristie Taylor here and I would like to show you one way to put a resin top coat over a huge painting. Pouring a resin topcoat on helps to not only protect the painting – but also adds lots of depth and brightens the colors. It can make a huge difference, bringing luster and shine to the painting.

Recently I discovered flow painting. This is a process where you mix paints and water and other ingredients together to create a fluid paint, then pour them onto a substrate.

My daughter and I created this beautiful painting together use the flow painting technique. It turned out so much better than we expected! So much better, that as soon as I posted a photo to social media it sold!

So, since this was painted on plywood (it was supposed to be practice... LOL), I needed to prep it to accept resin. I used wood glue to apply braces to the back making it flat.

Okay – now that the painting is actually flat, lets get her prepped to receive her shiny new Amazing Clear Cast Resin topcoat!

Spray 91% alcohol over the surface and wipe with a damp cloth.
This will help remove any dust that is on the surface.

Then carry the painting outdoors and spray with a sealer.
This will keep the pigments in your paint stationary.

Make sure your painting is completely DRY and level.

Mix equal parts of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin together until no striations are present {yes... you are seeing correctly - this is gallon size}. Did you know there is an 8 oz. size and a 32 oz. size too??!

Allow resin to sit so it can degas and the bubbles can rise.


Pour resin over the canvas slowly, and spread it out. Amazing Clear Cast Resin is self leveling, so just make sure the entire canvas is covered.

Once you have the resin spread out, spritz it with alcohol again. 

Wait ten minutes for the alcohol to evaporate {for SAFETY – rubbing alcohol is flammable}, then go over it with heat if necessary to pop any remaining bubbles. I use a culinary torch for this.

The client wanted me to add some glitter to the painting, so after the first coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin was partially cured (about 6 hours later), I mixed up another smaller batch of resin and added some glitter to it, then spread that over certain parts of the canvas. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

**PLEASE NOTE** The resin needs a dust free zone to cure, so I made a dust tent with PVC pipe and a dropcloth. Doesn't look pretty... but it worked.

That's all there is to it!

Just look at this beauty now! I love the way the resin intensifies the colors and gives the entire painting more depth!

Here are some lovely detail shots for your viewing pleasure! They have been rotated 90º clockwise in order to view larger.

What will you create with
Amazing Clear Cast Resin??!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Kristie

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