Saturday, February 16

Resin Faerie Windows

 I have this fascination for smaller than life items, loving the mystery of what dwells beyond little doors.
I have been wanting my own faerie door for sometime, so I made one, just the way I envisioned, like something from The Hobbit. But then I realized my door needed windows, to make the bottom of our stairs look like some secret home.
 I crafted the frame of my windows from paper clay. It was a bit flimsy to work with so I recommend you do make yours from some other air dry or oven baked clay.
Mix equal amounts of yellow and white Amazing Mold Putty until one solid color of yellow.
Make a oval/window shape of the putty and carefully push the clay piece in, making sure to bring the sides of the putty up. Let set, about 15 minutes until putty id firm.

Then measure equal amounts of "A" and "B" of Amazing Casting Resin using the cups provided. Pour into a small paper cup and mix thoroughly until resin is clear. Fill your window mold carefully. Have extra molds nearby in case you have leftover resin.  The above photo shows the clay window in the lower left and the resin window in the lower right.
Let resin set about 15 minutes, then carefully push out of the mold.
Trim off any abnormalities with small nonstick scissors. Do this before your pieces fully cures and is still soft and pliable. Then with a dauber, ink up your windows a bit with some brown color. Next spread some clear dimensional glaze over every nook and cranny of your window.
Tap a little bit of Copper Alumilite into it's lid then using a old small paintbrush, spread the copper powder onto the window frame. You will be picking up some of the glaze to the point of painting the window frame with a 'copper glaze'. This is a good thing. Touch up the frames with some Gold Alumilite as well.
By combining the Alumilite powder with the glaze, you have a built in finish.
 Cut to shape and glue 2 layers of iridescent cellophane to the backs of the windows.

 Adhere double stick tape to the windows and place them in a 'low' secretive place for your faerie folk to enjoy!
Happy Crafting!

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