Thursday, March 7

More than a Mousetrap

Hi everyone Monica here to share a different type of project. I actually made this for a blog hop but I really wanted to share it on the AMP Blog.  This was a super fun project too.  I decided to pick apart  mousetrap, yes a mousetrap I am always looking around for that DIFFERENT!  Especially since AMP putty and resin fits that description to a tee.  The awesome orange flowers were made using the resin and I colored it using G&P enamel gel.  It gave it the funky glass like look.

Here is a close look at the flowers - shiny huh!?
 I added an image from a collage piece I got from Alpha Stamps and some other odds and ends - totally love the end product.  Now forget the mice and go get some mousetraps to alter.

You can always check out my blog at: - Simply Monica!!

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