Tuesday, March 19

Owl Statue For My Garden

This is my last month on the Amazing Mold Putty Design team. I am a bit sad. I really do love this product and will miss the team. I will however, continue to use the resin and AMP because it is one of my favorite craft supplies as I say all the time! For my last project I molded an Owl I got for Halloween. I am on of those people who have Halloween and odd things sit around the house all year ON PURPOSE! I molded just the owl off of the piece so i can then add it to a base and put it in my garden. As you can see I painted it bright colors to add to the garden of vegetables and flowers and I love having these things set around my flower beds and such. One of my first AMP projects I did was a statue I got from the dollar store so I could use it outside for the same reason!

What I did first was molded the owl. I did not mold the bottom part as I knew I wanted to attach it to a few branches from outside. 

(THERE IS MY ADORABLE BABY SPYRO JAMES WALKING AROUND...I COULD NOT EDIT HIM OUT!) Once it set I then mixed my Resin and added a bit of silver to it. I wanted to see if I wanted to keep it silver or paint it.


Resin poured in mold.


Completely cured owl cast in Amazing Casting Resin.


Once cured, I decided I wanted it bright - so I painted (which AMP takes paint wonderfully) the owl bright green, added iridescentblue eyes, pupils, a beak and dry brushed a darker green all over it. Now I need to do a clear coat on it and paint a wooden heart I got from the craft store and glue this to it and set it out in the garden. I LOVE IT!

And one last thing... I have also been Blessed to have my Octopus now on the Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resin Boxes! Thank you!

I want to thank Terri Sproul and the AMP Design Team and the company itself for Blessing me with this opportunity to be on your Design Team for a year! It is by far one of my favorite products and things I have done! 


  1. This turned out awesome. I know what you mean about using this stuff even after you are no longer on the DT. I am just using up the last bit of AMP and I'm so depressed that our Michaels doesn't carry it. Next step...ordering it on line. Great owl you did an AMAZING job with it. Love the colors.


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