Tuesday, November 29

#Cre8time Finishing Touches... AMAZING Inspiration by Lara Hjorthoy

Hey Friends! Lara here to share a little inspiration on how I'm using Amazing Clear Cast Resin today! I'm putting the finishing touches on my Mars Attacks, Alien lady – while I work on creating my second sculpt for Penumbra Gallery's, movie-themed extravaganza this March... in Portugal! I'm adding eyelashes and high gloss to her eyes!

I've added the Clear Cast resin to her eyes. I prepared a small batch and let it sit for a bit to get thicker, then dolloped a smidge into her eyes... and let that sit and cure. Now her eyes are glistening and bright – which is lovely for an Alien about to take part in destroying the world! 

What finishing touches do you

Stay Inspired Friends! ~ Lara

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