Wednesday, November 2

#Cre8time Death Becomes Her... by Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn Gill here... Wanting to welcome you to "Day of the Dead" Celebration here on the Amazing Casting Products blog.

I have created a little inspiration for you... a pendant! Surprised?
Well, what can I say it's what I do... LOL.


I used some previous molds that I had made for other projects using Amazing Mold Putty. Using Amazing Casting Resin mixed with Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder and Alumilite Dye, I created the resin casts for the base. I layered these pieces togther and with some acrylic paint, I created this fun, festive pendant for the Día De Los Muertos celebration. Super fun and quick!

"Death Becomes Her..." 

What Celebrations do you create for?

Well, I'll say farewell for now...
Till Next Time! Lyn

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