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#Cre8time Laughing out LOUD... by Kristie Taylor #CHAshow Sneak Peek

Say WHAT??! You can see this project at CHA Creativation in Phoenix!

Hello crafty friends! My name is Kristie Taylor and I am super excited to be one of the newest designers here with Amazing Casting Products... using some of my favorite things – LOL!!

Today I want to show you a little something I made using a Prima telephone, a Relics and Artifacts craft blank and lots of Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin! I had so much fun making this project... maybe he will make you "laugh out loud"!

So let's talk about how I achieved this 3 dimensional little fella.
Let start with some of my faves... 


OK... let's get started!

First of all, we need to make some molds, so I used a piece of molded plastic. I think it may have come from an old bathroom fixture – I'm really not sure... but it has been in my stash for a while. It's a cool shape, but I needed two. Of course you see this is going to be his eyebrows.

I mixed equal amounts of Parts "A" and "B" until the Amazing Mold Putty became one consistent color {please CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation}. I place the "eyebrow" finding on a flat surface and pressed themold putty around it, making sure to create a good lip so when I add the Amazing Casting Resin, it won't seep out.

I wait for just a few minutes for the putty to cure, and I now
have the shape molded so I can duplicate it easily.

I repeated this process for some other pieces –
these will be used for his eyeballs :)

Next, I mixed equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin, then poured into the mixing cup and stirred slowly until one consistent color. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. Then I quickly poured it into the molds... this resin cures very fast – in about 10 minutes. Once cured, I could start assembly.

I needed something to hold the eyebrows on... and after much trial and error, I finally decided that Apoxie Sculpt was the answer.

And the same for the eyeballs!

He's starting to come to life!!!

Now I needed to make a tongue, so again, I used apoxie sculpt. I mixed the two parts together, used a brayed to roll it out flat, and then used my fingers to shape it. Then placed in over several bottles to allow it to dry.

I also used a Relics and Artifacts piece to be
his "uvula" before giving him a paint job!

Here is my finished piece – in all his awesomeness!
I call him "Laughing Out Loud"

He makes me smile, he really does!!


Now go mold all the things
and make something awesome!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Kristie

To see more of my work, please visit my blog, "The Scrapinater", 
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