Tuesday, June 19


Hi Everybody! I am so excited for my Amazing Mold Putty post this month. I love using materials that are traditionally meant for one thing in a completely different way. I have an odd way of looking at things and I always love to experiment. I am thrilled to be on this team because EVERYONE experiments and it doesn't make me feel quite as odd!

Here is what I did this month. I was sitting one day looking around my art room while I was doing a journal page. I have tons of stencils, but that requires me getting paint out and setting everything up and blah blah blah. I also love doing Random Acts of Kindness especially because with today's economy people can't always afford all the stencils, stamps and fun things that are out there. SO, after being inspired by these two realities.......I made my own stamps....from stencils with Amazing Mold Putty. SAY WHAT? OH YES I DID!!!! lol - I made a video to show you but it doesn't do them justice. I am like a mad scientist now. I love this technique because you can pick which part of the stencil you like best and use it to make your stamp. And best of all, now you have two ways to use the stencil. Here is a GREAT coupon!!!! Use the code AMP20at check out, and get 20% off of your order!! Offer expires - Sept 30, 2012.


  1. That is SO FUNNY!! This is one of the things I did with mine this month!! Great minds!!

  2. Love it . I made a stamp using a cut out in the cover of my tattered angels album.... Large fleur di lis. I tried it with inks but didn't work so well - must try my acrylic paints! Thank you

  3. thanks all!!!!! ink pads work well too~~~~ ANd Rachel....i find that a compliment we think alike....i love our team!


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