Wednesday, June 13

I've gone Van Gogh or is it More Monet?

If the masters could only see me now, what would they say??
My guess is that I'd be laughed out of Montmartre, but surely they would value my casual style and I know they'd love the technique!
So even if you've never painted before, this project will surely bring out the artist in you to!
Here are a few of the pieces I created using the Amazing Casting Resin (5 minute resin) Resins&Name=Amazing Casting Resin
Alumilite Dyes, packaging, a paint brush and pouring pots.
The beauty of this technique that I'm going to show you is all about its dimensional effect!
When you remove the paint from the mold you will be left with an indented image on the resin.

So all you need is an empty plastic packaging tray, Alumilite Dyes and the 5 min. Casting Resin
2 mixing pots, stir stik, paint brush, kleenix
Step 1
- pour your desired colors (dyes) into a paint tray
- start painting your image onto the tray
****here is a tip****
you can put an image under your tray and paint the image on top
(does it get any easier than that?)
Step 2
- Pour equal parts of Casting Resin into separate pots, then mix together and stir until clear (1 minute)
- pour resin onto your painted image
Step 3
- when your resin has hardened, remove molded piece (don't leave this sit over night) you want to remove it within 10-15 mins. so that the paint doesn't settle into the resin.
- with a clean cloth remove the excess paint
You will be left with a cool indented image.
If you want to you can add Alumilte Silver Metallic powder on your image.
 (as I did on the Eifel Tower)
To truely see this technique in action check out my video on how to do it!
I hope I've inspired a few of you to give this cool technique a try and for some added incentive don't forget you can get a 20% discount from by using this code AMP20


  1. Interesting technique! Great idea Lee!


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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