Friday, June 1

Making Toppers with Mold Putty and Casting Resin


I’ve been working on my Gourd Art a lot lately. I’ve been to shows and have several shows coming up. I just started to work on a new gourd that I planned on putting a butterfly on the side of. I wanted a unique topper so I pulled out a couple of drawer pulls that I had in my stash box.

Mold Putty 6-1-12 004 As you can see one of the drawer pulls was a butterfly! So I got out my Mold Putty and mixed up equal parts of A and B.

5 mold putty 11-12And then molded the putty around my drawer pulls.Mold Putty 6-1-12 005 Once the Mold Putty had set up I took the drawer pulls out and dusted the butterfly pull mold with Alumilite powder in Gold.Mold Putty 6-1-12 008 Kind of hard to see the Gold inside the putty. Once that was done I mixed up equal parts of the Casting Resin and poured that inside the mold. When I took the resin out of the mold when it had set, it was covered with the Gold color and I placed it on top of my gourd to see how it was going to look. Mold Putty 6-1-12 012 It’s kind of hard to see the butterfly but it’s going to work perfect for this butterfly gourd.

                      Mold Putty 6-1-12 013I still have quite a bit of work to do on this gourd but I don’t have to worry about a topper!


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  1. I love your toppers, they really add the finishing touch to your beautiful gourds. Now if you're done with those knobs, I could find a use for them, LOL!


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