Wednesday, June 6

A Queen's Dose of Vintage

Hey, Gang!! It's Rachel Whetzel again! This project took some thinking!! While I was teaching an art class for my middle son, I came across a dead bumble bee in my stash of goodies I had brought to use in class. I instantly knew it would look really awesome in some resin, and got to thinking about how I wanted to create a piece with it. Turns out I used a little bit of everything in this piece, and I'm really excited about how it turned out!!
I decided that in order to have a nice and round form, I'd have to get creative. I ended up choosing these cutters.
First, I used two equal parts Amazing Mold Putty and mixed them together until they were uniform. Then I rolled out the piece, and set the two larger cutters into the mold putty.

Once the putty was set, I used Amazing Clear Cast to set the bumble bee. I chose the smaller of the two forms.
It took some doing to get the resin out of the form, so next time, I would figure out how to use the cutter to create a press, and make an actual mold with the mold putty. Once I sanded down the edges, I glued some dictionary paper to the back of the pendant.
Next, I used Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Black Dye to create a "shell" around the outer edge of the pendant. When mixing dyes into your resin, (especially the quick setting Casting Resin) be sure to mix the dye into Part A before you combine Part A and B in order to preserve your pour/set time as long as you can. 

Once everything was mixed, I used a Q-tip to "paint" the black shell onto the outside of the pendant.
I rested the pendant on a plastic bag to keep it from sticking, and only painted the sides of the pendant.
Next, I used a large vintage spoon with it's handle cut off and bent to create a necklace setting, and poured more dyed Casting Resin. While it was still wet, I set the bee pendant, and some vintage rhinestones into the piece. A really cool tip I saw somewhere, and I can't remember where now... is to use RICE to keep rolly pieces level. That's what I did when I poured this portion of resin.
Once the resin had started to set more firmly, I pressed some smaller rhinestones into the piece as well.
I strung the piece onto a vintage strand of costume pearls, and used some "dog tag" chain to add interest to the necklace.
This piece took a while because of the clear cast resin's cure time, but I love the way it turned out!! I'll be using casting resin to set more pieces of silverware jewelry for sure.
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  1. I love how it turned out! You really did an amazing job.


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