Sunday, August 19

SKULL AND BONES with Amazing Mold Putty-Resin

I love skulls so much that I keep them around, as well as all kinds of other Halloween stuff, all year round in my art room. When I went shopping recently to one of the craft stores near my home, I found a 3D cardboard skull sticker. They only had one and I was very upset as I wanted to buy a few for different things. As it sat it in my bin of "things" I kept thinking...what can I do with this?
Then it hit me! I am going to use my Amazing Mold Putty and mold my own so that I can have as many as I want to use with resin or clay! I was so excited I started right away.
I decided I would make a mixed media piece. As I poured my Amazing Casting Resin I decided that I wanted it to be in two pieces so I made sure I poured the mixture thinner in the areas I wanted to cut. You do not have to do that, however, as the resin when it comes out is very easy to cut as you do get some time to form and cut before it really cures.
First, I took My 3D Sakura Crystal Lacquer and used Terri Sproul Mixers in silver and painted the Black card-stock. I then glued the pieces to my very thick card-stock. This is a new item (to me) that I found at the craft store. It is double thick card-stock and I love it for so many reasons. I also used resin and the molds I made previously of spiders and skulls and my lion that I re-resined in silver and added them to the piece. I used some clock and watch pieces in the eyes to give the skull a steam punk look with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and other clock gears on resin poured gears.
I added embellishments and so many other little touches. I took my metal tape and taped around the edges of the card-stock and antiqued it to match more of the look I was going for with the piece.


  1. oh ya, that is so cool, I love the steam punky look, add some lights and see what happens! Great job.

  2. The steam punk is TOTALLY cool!! Gives me an idea for the blog hop... :)

  3. Thank you all!!! It was so fun to do!!!!! and yes the ideas are in my head like mad!!! I am going to hang it on wall because it looks so cool. I wish pics did better justice!


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