Monday, August 6

Vintage Doorplates

Once again, my collections are inspiration to use my Amazing Mold Putty!! I have such a habit of buying things to use in my artwork, and then NOT using them because they are one of a kind... or they are so pretty I can't bring myself to use them... you get the idea. I don't use them. It's one of the things that makes Amazing Mold Putty one of my favorite new art tools.

For example: I have a collection of Vintage Doorplates... and I never use them for anything, because they are each unique. This one in particular is one of my favorites. I would love to use it in a piece of art work, but I can't get another one just like it... 
 Or CAN I?
Now that I have Amazing Mold Putty, I can MAKE one!!
What you need:
Amazing Mold Putty
Casting Resin
*OPTIONAL Brown Alumilite Dye
Spray paint
Acrylic Paint
Metallic paints
Antiquing Stain
First, I used two equal parts Amazing Mold Putty and mixed them together until they were uniform in color.Then I molded it around the door plate by pressing the plate deep into the putty. I made sure that where there were holes, the putty came through, and then formed it into a point, so that the mold would pull free of the plate easily once it was set.
Because the plate was so old and crusty, parts of the rust and chipping paint came off into the mold.
I just took the mold down stairs to the sink and scrubbed them out.
Once the mold was as clean and dry as I could get it I used equal parts clear cast A and B. Then I poured Amazing Casting Resin into the mold. I also added a drop of Brown Alumilite Dye, but it didn't really make the resin as dark as I wanted, so that's a moot point. Next time, I will add more dye, and not have to spray paint the piece! When you mix your dye into the resin, add the dye to PART A of your A/B mix before you combine the two. If you don't HAVE dye, you don't have to have it to make this.
I use a "bed" of rice to keep my projects level while they are curing... a handy trick when  you live in an old farm house and NOTHING is level.
As the resin Cures, it starts to turn opaque... it's a cool thing to watch!! These two photos were taken in less than 2 min of each other.

I left the resin over night to set, but you can release the mold in as little as 30 min. if it's not your bedtime. Here's the cured piece! You can see small bits of rust that came out of the mold with this cure. Also, you can see how  slight the one drop of dye colored the piece. It would otherwise be white.
Since I was new to the dye, and didn't add enough, I decided to simply spray paint the piece a black base coat. I also sanded rough edges and cleaned up some of the holes in the piece.

Next, I used Robin Metallics Rub Ons to add metallic tones. My sets were part of my grandma's paints, so I  don't know where she got them. I think they can be found in most craft stores now.

Next, I create the chipped paint layer. Using regular craft paint.
When I'm done, I fill in the cracks with darker paints and antiquing stains until I have filled all the crevices and chips with dark colors.
I have to tell you... I think I ended up liking the NEW door plate better than the old one, and now, I can make more!! It's nearly impossible to tell which is the original, unless you're touching them.
 I love the detail of the chipped paint, and how well the resin and mold retained that.
Now, I need to get cracking and put my new doorplate to USE!! Be sure to share any projects you make using ideas like this on the Amazing Mold Putty® Facebook Page!!
I'd also love it if you visit me at "my house"!!
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  1. I absolutely love this project!!!

  2. Thank you, Wendy!! It is one of my favorites so far... but I think I say that every time I try something new with my putty and resin!! Love this stuff! :)

  3. I love it but fear it is one of those projects that looks easy...until I try it! I too have some old doorplates that I won't use for the same reason you won't.
    I'm thinking of ordering some putty, how much do I need for this project.

  4. Hi, Lucy!! I used more putty than I really NEEDED to... and I used about 1/8 of a bucket of each part of the 3lb. bucket... I think that would equal about one or maybe as little as 1/2 of each of the 2/3lb sets.

  5. I am completely amazed by this project Rachel! I mean, seriously, this is just so cool!

  6. This is soooo super cool! You Rock! I love it!

  7. Yup, this has some wonderful possibilities. Fantastic repurposing into a NEW and usable item.


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