Saturday, August 18

A Quick How To on altering resin pieces!

Hey everybody!! DeeDee here with a quick tutorial on altering some of your resin pieces!!

I absolutely love having bits n bobs in white just laying around to color and alter for whatever I need, and because I've now been lucky enough to be on the AMP design team for a full year I've got lots of molds and lots of resin bits laying around.

So when Susan invited me to participate in her hop this weekend I knew I wanted to use some of my laying around experimenting pieces and make a nautical spoon! 

I started with the large pelican seen to the right here cast from Amazing Casting Resin:

And I glued him to my spoon which had been aged with a vinegar and steel wool combination. After the glue had set I dug through my Tattered Angels glimmer glazes and came across Coconut Shell and Waterfall. I started with the Waterfall (a sort of blue bit) because you can always add darker to lighter, and but you can't usually add lighter to darker. So I edged the tip of the wing with the waterfall and dry brushed some onto the feathers. I then did the same with the darker brown coconut and dabbed the pelican's eye.

Glimmer glaze is sort of a water acrylic paint, but it's translucent and has a gorgeous shimmer to it. So if you're using it and you want a very dark spot you may need to do three or four coats. Much like my pelican's eye.. seen here:

You can see to the left of the photo where I drybrushed the glimmer glaze onto just the edges of the feathers. Drybrushing is where your brush is MOSTLY dry with a very minute amount of paint. This creates a very light stroked look and helps guard against big globs of color!

Other than that my pelican has been nestled among cheese cloth, May Arts ribbon, and collected beach shells :) 
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