Monday, August 13

A Mid-Summer Days Wish!

When the heat of summer is upon us, wouldn't it be nice to just cool yourself in the nearest spray pool, garden hose or hunky neighbours hottub whenever you wanted?
(I put that in there just to see if you're reading this post, lol)?
Summer evokes many happy memories for me, but one of my favorite things about summer is a fountain, bird bath or wishing well. I have two in my garden. But when the cool weather is upon us, sadly these magical water troughs disappear until the following summer shines again.
I wanted a strong reminder of the birds splashing and the sounds of water falling with me all year round, so I created this.

This may look a little difficult, but its not really. I'm hoping you'll watch the video to find out how you can make one for yourself.

But the steps are easy!

Step 1 - make your molds from The Amazing Mold putty. Make one of each piece, the bird, bowl, stem and base.

Step 2 - Pour The Amazing 5 minute Casting Resin into your stem, bowl, bird and base molds.
Step 3 - once your pieces are hardened, trim the ends off your stem, so you have a nice flat surface on each end.
Step 4 - Attach stem to base with resin.
Step 5 - Glue bowl to the open end of stem. Let dry completely before adding bird.
Step 8 - Mix and Pour The Amazing Clear Cast to into the bowl. Add a tiny amount of blue dye to the clear cast and mix well. YOU ONLY NEED A PIN DROP AMOUNT OF DYE, A LITTLE GOES ALONG WAY.

Step 9 - Let your water cure for about 12 hours and then you can embellish your bird bath.

Here's to the long hot days of summer still to come, I hope you're all enjoying them as much as you can. Thanks for watching.

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