Monday, December 17

Vintage Inspired Santa Claus Ornaments

 Hi everyone,
     I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday with friends and family! If you still have the energy in you to create a extra ornament or two, you might like to try this Vintage inspired Santa Claus ornament!
To get started, you will a need a old Christmas candy mold, I found this one at a antique flea market.
Clean the top of the mold with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and grime.
 Next mix equal amounts of white and yellow Amazing Mold Putty until you have a uniform color of yellow.
 Place the putty over the top of the candy mold, pressing into each detailed grove of the design. When you are sure you have covered every part of the mold, flip it over onto a non stick mat to set.
While waiting for your mold to set, gather 1 1/2" pieces of floral wire and wrap them as shown around the handle of a paint brush. Twist the wire and slip off.
 It usually takes 10-20 minutes for the putty to set but since it was particularly cool where I was working, I went over the putty with a heat gun to help speed up the setting of the mold.  You know it is set when you can touch it with out leaving any prints.
 Mix equal amounts of part "A" and part "B"  the Amazing Casting Resin.
I measured using the cups provided and mixed in a dixie cup.
I preheated my mold with the heat gun before pouring in the resin. I waited until the resin began to half way set, (see the white?), before placing the wire loop at the top.
As with the mold, the resin took longer than 10 minutes to set due to winter coolness of my home, so by warming the undersides of the mold with a heat gun, I was able to speed up the set process. 
 The resin is set when its hard to touch and not sticky. Pop it out of the mold and trim off any drips.
You can add a touch of color to the cheeks with a alcohol pen.
To add the glitter detail, add some clear glue to parts of Santa's costume. Then sprinkle with fine glitter and set to dry. Remove any extra glitter with a dry paint brush.
 For a overall vintage appeal, use you finger to spread the glue all over the Santa, working it into little crevices. Sprinkle with ample amounts of glitter and set to dry for about...3 minutes, Then take a baby wipe or damp paper towel and gently wipe off the glitter/glue, leaving it in the crevices of the ornament. Prior to decorating this Santa, I colored him a light grey with a alcohol pen.
 If you have a collection of those vintage candy molds, you now have a practical use for them as they probably are not good for actual candy making these days.
 Use these to hang on a tree or attach to a gift.
Happy Holidays!


  1. WoW, terrific idea...makes me want to rush out and find a mold...tks for sharing ...Fran Lainhart

  2. These Santa ornaments bring me back to my childhood!! They remind me of simpler days, how I wish I could back!! I may not be able to turn back the clock, but if I had these beautiful ornaments, hanging on my tree, even if just for a moment, I could travel back in time with my heart!!
    Thank you Michelle for reminding me that I too use to be a kid and still am at heart!!xxx


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