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Medieval Barter - School Project

Medieval Barter - School Project

Well I found out how great Amazing Mold Putty is for school projects this past week.
And will be using it again this weekend for another one.
I find so many uses that I never thought of before especially now that I have their silver powder.

My son was studying medieval times in his 6th grade Social Studies class.
They had to come up with 3 items to barter with and he had good ideas but was having trouble putting them into place such as how to make the items and such.
He even picked up premade items and the whole assignment was they had to be handmade.
I emailed asking if we could use molds and resin and she said that even though resin may have not been during that time she is sure they made molds out of soap and candles so we went to work.

Since it was his project I had him help out as much as possible.

He decided on two keys and a horse shoe.
I had two keys from my scrapbook stuff so I decided he could make a mold of them even though I had done it myself before. I wanted to show him how to do it all himself and how easy it was. And I bought a cheap set of "cowboy" ornaments that had a mini horseshoe that we used for the third item/mold.

Amazing Mold Putty
1. He mixed equal amounts of the yellow with the white putty and then pressed the shapes into them.
2. Then let the molds sit for about 30 minutes and dusted the molds with silver metallic allumilite powder. He used a really cheap paint brush to do that.
(I thought he did a pretty good job!)

Amazing Casting Resin
This part I mixed for him since my first time I was sloppy and made messes on surfaces that are messed up forever. Totally my fault.
I mixed equal parts of A and B.
But first I took part A and put some of the metallic powder and mixed it in so the resin would also be metallic colored throughout it and mixed well, then poured both parts into a paper cup.
After that I showed him how to as neatly as possible pour into the actual molds.
Then we waited a while since we had a mess to clean and a few other things to do.

Here is a picture of the original horseshoe with the new one.
They look VERY close, don't they?
The left one was the one made with the mold and the right one was the original!

This weekend we plan on making some Disney themed molds after I find all my Disney trinkets for his next project!

Thanks for visiting!

Also the main product page has a video that also shows you how to use the product!

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  1. these turned out incredible, I really like the horseshoe alot, well done


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