Wednesday, December 19

Clay Dolphin and Resin

I love mixing products together. I was watching a Documentary on Dolphins and it gave me an idea to try with clay and resin. First thing I did was make a piece with polymer clay (you can also use Creative Paperclay®) and used a wire to attach the dolphin as if he was jumping out if the water. Once that was done, I baked it according to the clay instructions and got ready for the next step!


Next I mixed the Amazing Clear Cast Resin (according to the directions) and poured it into my "water" part in my piece. Here is my finished piece. 

I have been in love with making items like this lately as I also made a Snowman family on ice to sit around the house at the holiday time.


Always think outside of the box with these Resin and Amazing Mold Putty products. They are so awesome and can make some really great Art to sit around the house!


  1. Wonderful project Kelly! I also love the wintery snowman variation, too. This idea has so many seasonal options. Birds in a birdbath... frog on a lilypad...I can go on and on. Thanks for today's inspiration :)


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