Sunday, January 13

Circle Of Color! DIY Pendant tutorial by Lee Brehon

This is my first 2013 post and I wanted to make it a good one! I experiment with my Amazing Crafting Products almost daily and from one of my "experiments" came this creation.

"Circle Of Color"

Circles of resin with resin inserts, WOW! 

I made this necklace and now I can't stop making these fun little bead like resin pieces. I am sure once you see just how easy these are to make, that you will find lots of ways to make your own resin bobbles and beads. Here's how you can make these.


- 5 minute Casting Resin Amazing Casting Resin

- Mold Putty Amazing Mold Putty

- 3D Crystal Lacquer 3D Crystal Lacquer

- marker & pen

- jewelery findings

- packing tape

- utility blade


1. Combine equal parts of the Amazing Mold Putty into a ball large enough to wrap around a large marker.

2. Wrap the mold putty around a large marker and let this set up. Do not remove the marker until the mold putty is firm. About 10-15 minutes.

3. Mix equal parts of the 5 minute Amazing Casting Resin and pour into the mold you just made, only pour the resin about half way up the mold.

4. Insert and pen inside the mold directly in the center and hold this until your resin sets up (about 3-5 minutes). You'll feel the pen will stand on its own. 

5. Once the resin is firm but NOT completely hard (5-7 minutes in the mold total time) remove the resin and the pen. It should look like the photo below and still be warm to the touch.

6. Cut your resin into bead sized shapes, while the resin is still warm.

7. Stick your resin beads to some kind of packing tape so that they are firmly stuck stuck to the tape.

8. Pour equal parts of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin (parts "A" & "B") into separate containers. 

9. Mix a drop of Alumilite Blue Dye into the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, Part "A" and stir well.

10. Mix parts "A" & "B" of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin together and pour into your beads.

11. Once your beads are harden (overnight) you can sand and drill them with ease. Here I did red and blue colored resin.

I formed my pieces into a triangle shape and poured 3D Crystal lacquer on them & over them, The 3D Crystal Lacquer supplied an incredible bond for this application.

Once everything was dry, I added my jewelery pieces to form the necklace. 

Here is another look at this piece, I love how the piece has some depth and color to it.

This product has truly opened up many more creative opportunities for me. Imagine making your very own jewelery pieces using this method. Have fun!!


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