Wednesday, January 16

Textured Heart Pin

Hi Everyone!
     Michelle here with a fun idea you can make for Valentines Day or just because you love hearts!
I started with a vintage church votive candle holder because I liked the texture on the outside. Then I mixed equal amounts of white and yellow Amazing Mold Putty until one uniform color of yellow.
I wrapped the putty around the glass until I was sure all the bumps were covered.
After about 15 minutes the putty was ready to be removed.
Next I used a black pen to draw a heart outline. Instead of cutting out the heart on the pen line, I cut around it. More Amazing Mold Putty was used to make a coil that I formed on that pen line. I pressed the putty on the outside and used my fingers to keep the putty true to the heart shape. Before it had a chance to set, I used a small embossing tool to pull the  putty out of the textured parts of the mold where I wanted a clean look.
I pored equal amounts of the Amazing Casting Resin into the measuring cups provided.
Before mixing, I added 4 drops of Red Alumilite Dye to resin "A".
I used a small dry paint brush to add a little bit of Silver Alumilite Metallic Powder to the inside walls of the set mold. Next I mixed the resin together and poured it carefully into the mold. Some of the silver powder rose to the top, but this was OK. I saved just a bit of the resin in the cup. When the resin was almost completely hard (about 10 minutes), I added a bit of the leftover resin to the back of the heart with a tooth pick. Then I placed a pin backing in that resin and added some more with the toothpick, almost making a 'built in adhesive'!
After the resin finished curing, I popped it out and trimmed any rough edges with non stick scissors. I used a baby wipe to remove some stray powder from the face of the heart and sealed the whole heart with a glaze medium.
Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my Textured Heart Pin!


  1. I like this whimsical little piece, so cute.

  2. This is absolutely darling. What a great craft for Valentine's Day.


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