Sunday, January 27

St. Valentine's Day Embellishment

Hi there to all of you Amazing Mold Putty fans, Joyce here with a little Valentine's Day embellishment for your sweetie.  We begin as usual by taking equal parts A + B and kneading them to a uniform color.

Here is the mold finished and dried.  I used a puffy heart earring I only have one of. (see remember to use those bits and pieces you have lying around the house, they make wonderful molds.)

I used polymer clay here but either clear colored or opaque Amazing Resins would have been great too.  Notice the perfect reproduction.

Here is the embellishment, baked and trimmed.
I used Liquid Pearls, Martha Stewart's ultra-fine glitters to color the heart.

After I photographed this I realized how much it looked like a diamond and ruby broach.

Here it is, attached to the card/booklet for my sweetie.  This little heart gives the card quite a "pop".  Just think of all the items you can think to mold to add diminsion to your cards and art work!!
Hope your Valentine's Day is ever so sweet,  see you next month. 

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